Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday in Cindy Land...

Wow, Thursday already, this week is FLYING by!!! and I do mean flying by. Lots of nothing going on at our house this week, lol do you have weeks or day like that, where you do lots of things, but really it seems like you have done nothing....well that has been my week. Lots of writing going on this week, lots of website building, but lots of nothing too.

Check out my October 1st post over at Cindy's Tips and Hints I talk about the year, and what it has brought for me.

Over at Cindy's Reviews, there is a new book review up, on the book A Slow Burn by Mary DeMuth.

Please don't forget the contest at Cindy Stamps The post Double Cross Review, leave a comment on that review for a entry into the drawing to give away the book!! A busy day in Cindy's Land of blogs...Don't forget I love followers, so click to follow me!!! And comments make me deliriously happy!! ROFL!!

Have a great Thursday...Weekend is nearly here!!