Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What have I been doing all week??

obviously not posting here...LOL It has been a busy week of doing nothing. I spent the day in town with my hubby on Monday, and yesterday I spent in my recliner all snuggled in, watching a leadership conference online and reading a book (not at the same time LOL)

Over at Cindy's ReviewsI have had some reviews up on some great books...On Monday I reviewed John Bevere's new book Extraordinary How to live a life for Christ that is beyond the everyday life. Tuesday I reviewed Amy Clipston's newest book Betrayed. This is not a Christian fiction book, and there is mild language (which was disappointing to me, personally) but Amy truly shows she is a wonderful author. Her first book was about the Amish, and now a book about the (car) racing scene. Quite a jump between the two subjects and she done a great job on both books. Today's review is of an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy)for Jamie Carie's book Angel's Den due to be released in February 2010, this book is WOW!! I will be posting my review again closer to the release date, but I wanted to give my readers a sneak peak at what you have to look forward to!!!
Due to a new FTC ruling, I am including a disclosure/disclaimer on all my reviews now. The books are sent to me by the publishers and authors to review. No cash trades hands, the books are the only compensation I receive for reviewing them. I am not being paid for my opinion of these books.
*sigh*...seems like everyone thinks everyone else is on the take, when it comes to government agencies..Oh well I will post my disclaimers and hopefully all will be well!!