Friday, August 21, 2015

If I Fall?

If I fall will you be there to pick me up? Or will you walk around me and wonder, what I did that caused me to fall? I am not speaking of a physical fall, but what if I fall spiritually? What if I am caught in a sin that makes the news? (God Forbid, but there but for the grace of God...)

The nation is all hyped up on the news of the release of names on this dating scandal thing (so not interested, not even sure about the name of it) and of course we have seen a name released that is on everyone's radar.

So picture this (yes I am saying that ROFL) God is going to release a list of sins and sinners to the daily newspaper. Well, we all know that isn't going to happen because God doesn't remind us of our sins. But we know the devil delights in dragging all of our sins up in our business every day. So are you worried that your sins will make the news? I read a list the other day of 9 sins the church accepts, and overlooks. Oh for what it is worth, God accepts no sin and overlooks no sin, you might want to file that tidbit away for further use, just saying. The list was very sad because, it was unfortunately, true. It did however, make me look hard at my life, I don't want any habitual sin, coming between me and God.

We as Christians must examine ourselves, we must keep our eyes on Jesus. We must not miss our opportunities to change ourselves for God's glory. The Bible tells us, there will be a falling away in the end times. There also will be a great gathering in too. Revival is in the Land! Jesus is coming soon,  Lord don't let me fall.