Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today is the second anniversary of John David's death, and we are here in Little Rock at the hospital where he died, my oldest son is having surgery tomorrow.  Just wanted to share some pics of my boy with you all...I miss that kid!!!

RIP my darling boy...
10-29-1994 - 01-23-2009

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well another New Year is upon us..and I am deeply reflective today, I have read through John's story again today, I have cried, and remembered the horror of that day, I feel the pain everyday of not having my sweet boy with me.  BUT, life must go on.  There is life to be lived, work to do, and things progress onward. 
We are quickly coming upon the second anniversary of John's death, we will be at the hospital John died in, on the actual anniversary of his death.  I cannot even begin to tell you how bad this freaks me out, however my oldest son will be having surgery, the day after that day, and he is being admitted a couple of days early to be prepped for surgery.
A post from one of my aunts has made me reflect on how I would live, how I would love, and how I would share with my family if today were my last day on earth. 

Take time to think about this concept, what would you say to your family, what would you want your legacy to your children to be? 
This is a New Year, we are four days into 2011, what will you do with the other 361 days of this year?
At TCC, this is "The Year of the Lost" pray for your lost loved ones this year!  Witness to others and God will send someone to your lost loved ones.

Be Blessed in 2011!!