Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Children's Author Blog Hop

Children's Author Blog Hop

Quite surprisingly, I was asked this week if I would take part in a blog hop. My first thought was, "A what?" Thankfully, an explanation followed. It sounded like a lot a fun, and though I'm not a published author (yet), I decided it was definitely something I wanted to do.

In short, a blog hop is a way authors/bloggers can promote one another and share their writing experience by answering several questions (usually three or four). Angie tagged me in her blog earlier this week, and I in turn have tagged three more bloggers at the end of this post. I hope you'll enjoy hopping around and finding other children's authors (and their books) through the Children's Author Blog Hop! Now for the questions:

What are you working on right now?
Currently I am developing a new series.  I have a couple of books sent off to my agent, and she is shopping them, so I am working on a new idea I had on vacation.  

How does your writing process work?
LOL, Well generally I either wake up in the middle of the night, or something will strike me as I am driving and I write it down on whatever I can find, then I sit down and write furiously while I am inspired, and then I edit like crazy. And then edit some more.  LOL   And lastly I will edit it again.  ROFL

Who are authors you most admire?
Wow, this is hard, since I am a book reviewer I probably have the chance to read more books than the average reader.  It is impossible to pick just a few authors, but in the children's genre I greatly admire Lucy Maude Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables books.  Also Laura Ingalls Wilder's books were favorites for me, as a youngster.

Where do you turn for instruction and inspiration?
Instruction, I have a couple of people I look to as mentors and I bend their ears, for inspiration I turn to nature.  I look around at the beautiful creation that God has given us, and I easily am inspired to take those places and create stories.  I do prefer critter stories.  Animal lover that I am.  

Here are a couple more bloggers who I hope you will visit as they go on tour next. Click on their names to go to their main blogs. Happy Blog Hopping!

Corine Hyman

Corine Hyman is first and foremost a Christian. She is am also a Clinical Psychologist who practices in Baltimore, MD.  However, she is passionate about writing books that educate, uplift, and help Christians, as well as non-Christians grow in their understanding of the Lord Jesus.  To date, Corine Corine has published two Christian Children Books: Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time and My Journey With Jesus Christ.  She is currently working on the first book in a series that combines her training as a clinical psychologist and Christian faith.  The first book in this series is tentatively entitled Godly Feelings (look for it in the summer of 2014). 
Visit Corine's blog here. http://www.booksbycorine.com

Katie Clark

Katie Clark has been telling stories since she was seven years old. When she realized people liked hearing the stories, well, she was hooked. Katie’s published works include multiple children’s books, including A Tour of Your Muscular and Skeletal SystemsAnimal Actors, Police Horses, and more. She is anticipating the publication her upcoming YA novel,Vanquished, the first book in the Enslaved series. You can learn more at her website,www.katieclarkwrites.com.

Jan Prahl

Jan says "I'm a daughter of THE King, wife of 30 years, homeschooling 

mother of 6 and Nana. Come visit me Under the maple leaves."

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So if you know me...you know

that I generally do not post a lot about my son who died.  Not because I am over my grieving stage, not because he isn't  important, but because that is my personality.  That first year, I couldn't think or talk of much besides John.  But we are closing in on the fifth anniversary (in late January) of his passing.  HOWEVER, around holidays and especially his birthday he is on my mind a lot.  So I was thinking the other day about what he would look like, 5 years later.  He would be 19 on Sunday.(the 27th)  An adult.  Old enough to vote, to serve his country, to go to college.  Things he will never do, because he made a decision to play a dangerous, deadly game.  Do I think he knew it was dangerous.  Nah, John wouldn't do something to hurt himself or others, he was just curious, a follower.  I don't know where he learned about the Choking Game, all I know is he played it ONE too many times, and he died.
If you are a parent, step-parent, grand-parent. Educate yourself.  This is a very informative web site to help you learn more about how to recognize the signs of your child doing this.

Happy 19th Birthday John David, we will always love and remember you.  You are greatly missed.  Tell all the fam in heaven we love them.  I love you son..~Mom~

John @ 10 years old......(4 years before he died)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The book that I co-authored is finished, sent to the publisher, we are waiting on edits.  I have written several children's stories that I am trying to get published. I love writing those.  And a big leap here, I signed up for SMW's NaNoWriMo contest for November (am I nuts or what) NUTS!!