Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So if you know me...you know

that I generally do not post a lot about my son who died.  Not because I am over my grieving stage, not because he isn't  important, but because that is my personality.  That first year, I couldn't think or talk of much besides John.  But we are closing in on the fifth anniversary (in late January) of his passing.  HOWEVER, around holidays and especially his birthday he is on my mind a lot.  So I was thinking the other day about what he would look like, 5 years later.  He would be 19 on Sunday.(the 27th)  An adult.  Old enough to vote, to serve his country, to go to college.  Things he will never do, because he made a decision to play a dangerous, deadly game.  Do I think he knew it was dangerous.  Nah, John wouldn't do something to hurt himself or others, he was just curious, a follower.  I don't know where he learned about the Choking Game, all I know is he played it ONE too many times, and he died.
If you are a parent, step-parent, grand-parent. Educate yourself.  This is a very informative web site to help you learn more about how to recognize the signs of your child doing this.

Happy 19th Birthday John David, we will always love and remember you.  You are greatly missed.  Tell all the fam in heaven we love them.  I love you son..~Mom~

John @ 10 years old......(4 years before he died)