Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ahhh the simple delights....

My darling Dave loves me. I know he does, because he does such thoughtful and kind things for me. I feel very unwell this evening, tummy maladies. He got dressed (he had already had his evening bath and had on his lounging around the house clothes) and ran to the store for me some tummy medicine. Now this alone made me feel loved, but after he got home, he opened the medicine, brought it to me for me to have some (ick) and then put it away. Feeling the love yet? Ohhhh then comes the cherished part, he peeped around the doorway, and rattled a bag of something. It was a bag of Worthers originals, he had bought some of the coffee caramel ones last week, but I mentioned that I really preferred the originals, so he being the thoughtful darling hubs he is, grabbed a bag and brought them home. Cherished. Ahhhhhhhh feel the contentment oozing through your computer screen?? You should because I feel it here..

What a guy!!! 24 years of marriage and he just improves with age!!