Friday, October 23, 2009

Wow I havent posted here in a week or so...

The contest is still going at Cindy's Reviews I have some new things posted over at my Tips and Hints page too.

NaNoMo is fixing to begin...and I did sign up to write this year...:O what was I thinking ROFL. I already have several things that need finished, so I should just finish them instead of being in the contest, but I think the contest will push me to finish least that is what I am hoping.

It is downright chilly here today, I opened the door, but closed it again, twas a bit airy for me. Of course I am super cold natured, so that doesnt help.

Weekend is upon us, no plans here, not this weekend. I have several things I need to get accomplished for the next weekend though.

Have a great Friday!! Don't forget to check out the other pages, click on the links in the banner.