Saturday, November 22, 2014

Trail to Thanksgiving...

For the next few days I will be sharing guest posts from some of my fellow Arkansas authors, about what they are thankful for, or about Thanksgiving.
My first guest blogger is Debbie Archer.
A Good Whack Upside the Head
My list of things I’m thankful for is heftier than my pitiful, tattered, unabridged dictionary resting on my desk. And I’m thankful for that, too. Yeah, yeah. I have one online. Big whoop. I can’t run my finger down the crinkled pages of that one. Nor can I close my eyes and randomly flip to a page and discover a new word begging to be included in my next wip. But, I digress.
Heading up my list of things/people that make my life a living dream: my husband, family, chocolate, happily-ever-afters, and blunders-that-turned-out-well. In short, the Jesus things. He sees to it that my life is one big blessing even though He makes me wade through a few mud holes to get to His arms.
Last night, he smacked me upside the head with another big ol’ blessing. One that’s always been there, but for which I’ve never given him credit. Not a thumbs up. Not even a head nod! It never OCCURRED to me to be thankful for this … until last night.
About 9:00 p.m. I sat in the den doing my “calm down from a long day” routine. That includes sipping a cup of herbal tea, staring at the twinkle lights on the mantle, and talking to my hero. I’ve found that’s the perfect time for us to chat, because I have fewer distractions, I’m too pooped to do housework, and I have a list of things to ask his advice about. Uppermost on my mind last night was NaNoWriMo.
Once I decided to throw my heart, soul, and lack of common sense into this exercise of writing 50,000 words in a month, a bad case of the worries set in. I’ve tried it one other time and only lasted two days. Two DAYS! I melted into a puddle of nerves, threw up my hands, and quit. Now, here I was diving in again.
I snuggled into my spot on the couch, sipped, and allowed self-doubt to plop down right next to me. Then the sighing began. Had I made a big mistake by committing to NaNo this year? I mean, I work full time. I have a lot on my plate, and a lot of deadlines that have to be met. The only time I have to write is exclusively at night. Plus, NOBODY in my town is joining me.
In other words, what He heard from me was WaaaaWaaaaWaaaa. And that’s when He whacked me upside the head. As I sat in that quiet room, I heard His words clear as day in my heart.
I gave you your writing. Be grateful. Others battle with the same problems you do. Use the gift I gave you. Now.
And since I can be a bit dense, he went on to explain a few things. Most writers work full time at another job. They all have responsibilities, and a LOT of people only get to write at night.
Now, I’ve always been thankful for my writing friends, but it NEVER occurred to me to be grateful for the multitude of writers I will never know. But I am now. We are all linked through this gift God handed to us. We are connected.
We live in a world where people don’t always “get” us as writers, and that’s okay. God gets us. We get each other. And, in this writer’s heart, I’m thankful for God’s clarification. I’m no longer worried about NaNoWriMo. If I finish, great. If I don’t, at least I’ll get myself into a writing pattern. More importantly I’ve found comfort in knowing that no matter when I write, another writer will be lacing words together. At the same time I’m mulling over a word, another writer will turn to a weathered dictionary to find the perfect word to touch a reader’s heart.

Wherever we are in our writing – wherever we are in the world, we are connected. And for this, I am grateful.