Monday, August 4, 2014

Some thoughts on today's Scripture

The Lord proclaims, the Lord who made the earth, who formed and established it, whose name is theLord: Call to me and I will answer and reveal to you wondrous secrets that you haven’t known.
Jeremiah 33:2-3 CEB
I get daily verses from, and so I am going to share today's verse and a few thoughts.

We only have to look around us to know that we live on a planet with a Grand Designer. The attention to detail in nature, in humans, and in life is evident that our God is a mighty God. The thrilling thing about our Lord is He has so much more for us than we are walking in. He instructs us here to just call to Him, and He will answer and reveal wondrous secret to us. I am tired of living below what God intends for me to have, to be and to become. So today I call out to the Lord, and I know He will answer and reveal His wondrous secrets.

This verse makes me think of this song.