Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So sad....

I have just been very sad, even to the point of crying over the death of Robin Williams. I enjoyed him as an actor, and I find it so sad that he faced such depression that caused him to loose hope for life.
Those of you who know the circumstances of my son's death realize there are some similarities in their deaths. While my son didn't commit suicide, he also hung himself with a belt, doing the choking game. So those details have made the death of RW, much more real to me.  My prayers go out to his family.
This post however is about the fact that daily we come into contact with people who are depressed. They put on their happy face and go about life, but are screaming out for help by their actions and often non-actions. Today I repent of the fact that I too often find myself busy doing nothing, but no noticing the people around me hurting. A particular friend comes to mind and I lift her up to you Lord, you know her struggles and her pain, Father touch her today.
Please today, take time to slow down and notice the ones around you. Say a prayer for them, offer a kind gesture, (a hug goes a long ways) smile at them, let them know you care.
To all my friends and family who may suffer with depression, I offer up this prayer for you.
Lord today I come to You, with a heart that is burdened with sadness. Father only You know our minds and our hearts, and I ask right now that You minister Your healing peace to each one who is struggling. For the parent with rebellious children, for the parent who is overwhelmed by life, for the ones facing long term illnesses, for those who have lost loved ones and still are hurting, for each every person that I may or may not know who struggles with depression Lord I ask You to touch them. I ask You to send someone by today to let them know that You care for them. And Father help me to always take time to notice when my friends need extra love, prayers and just an ear to listen, I ask this all in the heavenly name of Jesus. Amen