Thursday, August 14, 2014

God Knows

And He cares.
I blogged yesterday about the struggle I have had and the sadness I feel over the death of Robin Williams. The past two nights my sleep has been horrible, just restless tossing and turning, looking at the clock every 10 minutes. Drifting off to sleep and dreaming bad dreams.  So last night a friend messaged me and told me that in the wee hours of the morning she heard the Lord tell her to pray for me because I was struggling.  Those are the kind of friends to have.  Those that hear and obey.  Thanks Friend ((hugs))
How many times do we all hear the Lord nudging us to pray for someone, and we get busy and forget. The Lord cares about us all and He uses us to minister to others. The love of God that I felt when she told me that, just can't be bought. So take the time to slow down and hear what the Spirit is leading you to do. God does care, and He uses us to show that care. <3 p="">Photo by June Foster, a beautiful view of Puget Sound. A Creator who made beautiful scenery like this, most definitely cares for our troubles.  May God bless you this day!