Monday, September 28, 2009

A busy day!!!

Well today has been busy, I had to run into town and do some banking and then I have made a couple of cards...Check them out at This post on Cindy's Stampin A lovely manly birthday card..and the picture isnt up yet but a nice fall card too.

Then over at Cindy's Reviews there is a review on a really good book by Melody Carson, 3 Weddings and a Barmitzvah, cute book!! Loved it..

Don't forget the contest that is going on for the book Double Cross too!! I left that post on the Stamping Blog so that I wouldnt have to move comments LOL. You can reach that blog by checking out the site menu on the left hand here or in the title section!!!

Watch for the announcement of a super contest coming up!!! Celebrating my new website set up!!!

Love ya'll