Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What are fair expectations?

As a book reviewer, and an author, I follow lots of other authors on Facebook.  Last week I observed something that made me wonder. What are fair expectations from an author, from a fan perspective?
I think as fans we often forget that authors have lives that involve more than writing. They have children, clubs, groups, church activities, and some even have full time jobs. On top of writing. So what should we expect when we try to interact with an author? Is it fair to get upset because our questions go unanswered? I personally do not work outside my home, but I stay so busy I get tired of everything. Between church, ladies groups, family obligations, taking care of my home, writing sometimes is the last thing on my mind.  Now I am not an author with books flying off the shelves (yet ;-)) but what should I as an author, offer my readers.
I am human when I say I want the readers to love what I write, I want great reviews, but do I have to fulfill unfair expectations to achieve all that?  What do you say?

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