Thursday, April 17, 2014

It Wasn't Your Baby

I am reading a small booklet from Chicken Soup, titled A Taste Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul. In this booklet there is a short story by Jim Stovall titled Mountain Movers, where two tribes are warring, a mountain tribe and a lowland tribe.The mountain tribe kidnaps a lowlander baby and flees to the mountains, and the lowlanders try to go to rescue the baby. Unfamiliar with climbing mountains they try for days to climb, never achieving more than a few hundred feet. After days of trying they give up, only to see a lowlander woman coming down the mountain, carrying the baby. When questioned about how she did this when the warriors failed, she replied "it wasn't your baby."
Tears filled my eyes as I read that, causing me to wonder how many times do we give up on something because it is not "our baby." Not our dream. Well writing is my baby, it is my dream, and this gave me a new burst of energy to never give up! This story was a prod to know that this isn't just a whim, or a passing fancy, it is a gift, given to me from God. Just like my children were. So maybe my new motto is "It wasn't your baby."